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Starved Rock Pet Resort

General Boarding Information

Our pet boarding and daycare facility is centered on organic, natural, and holistic care for thoughtful pet owners. 

  • All pets must be current on vaccinations or have current blood titer levels checked.
    • DOGS: DHLPP Kennel Cough and Rabies.
    • CATS: Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Leukemia, and Rabies.
  • Proof of vaccination or blood titer levels is required at check-in. For more information on blood titer levels see our links page for Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccine Protocols.
  • Pets will be inspected upon arrival. We do not accept pets with obvious signs of illness, fleas, fence climbers, or aggressive tendencies. All new boarders are required to fill out forms upon arrival. Allow an additional 15 minutes at check-in, or fax your boarding requirements before your visit. Filling out the registration form on our website with as much information as possible will speed up this process.
  • We welcome SPECIAL NEEDS PETS. If your pet has a special need, please call and discuss it with our staff. Medications or special diets will be administered by our experienced staff by using the same standard of care that we use with our family pets.
  • When it comes to CHOW TIME, we feel all pets should eat exactly what they are accustomed to eating at home. You should bring enough food for your pet’s stay and may even bring water from home. Your pet will dine per your instructions.
  • We offer a full line of raw frozen foods, freeze-dried foods, and supplements developed by Dr. Ian Billinghurst under the BARF World product name. If your pet is on a raw natural diet (or you are considering a change to one) you may wish to purchase it from us. 
  • We have pickup and delivery PET TAXI service for our clients, with regular service between Utica, Ottawa, and Streator. Reservations are required. Call for fares and schedules.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY are important to us. All of your pet’s medical records and special needs are carefully recorded. We live on the premises and try to minimize the use of chemicals in your pet’s environment.

Clubs inquire about renting our facility for agility trials or other dog events.